Funky junction

Funky Junction - Tribute to Deep Purple Play a tribute to Deep Purple
MER373 Released in 1973. A DAMIL Usa Production Manufactured in UK by Damont Records Ltd.

Benny White Vocals
Philip Lynott Bass
Eric Bell Lead Guitar
Brian Downey Drums
Dave Lennox Keyboard

Side A Side B
Fireball SpeedKing
Dan Strange Kind Of Woman
Palamatoon Rising Sun
Corina Hush
Black Night  

TP McLoughlin, a big collaborator of this web site, sent us the story of this album. Funky Junction now theres a story.

Seems like the Lizzy manager was approached by a German called LEO MULLER and asked would the band be interested in doing an album of Deep Purple songs. This was early 73 and Whiskey had just entered the UK top 20 so the band said why not and a figure of £1000 was mentioned as a one off payment. Now Philo knew he was no Ian Gillian so he called on the services of two members of the Irish group ELMER FUDD. Benny White sings all vocals on the LP with Dave Lennox on Keyboards along with Philo Brian and Eric.

The LP contains 9 tracks 5 are Deep Purple songs and 3 are instrumentals which had nothing to do with Deep Purple. Track listing as follows: Fireball: Black Nigh, Strange Kind a Woman, Hush, Speed King. All the above are well known Deep Purple singles but this guy LEO MULLER was something else he lists himself as the writer of all 4 other tracks and then renames the tracks so Dan should be Danny Boy. Rising Sun is House Of The Rising Sun and Corina should be Corrina Corrina and finally Palamatoon which i must confess i have never heard of before. The LP if you give it a few listens is actually not at all bad. Some excellent drumming by Brian and Eric does a few nice solos and gives Danny Boy the Jimi Hendrix treatment.

It was released in 73 on the Stereo Gold Award label MER 373 and 2 different versions exist the UK pressing is a Yellow Label while a U.S.A. pressing also exists on a light blue label both covers are exactly the same it is certainly worth picking up to add to the collection. It is also out on CD which i assume is a bootleg unless LEO is still around and has decided to cash in on the CD scene. All the info i got from Brian and Eric over the years.