The Noel Redding Band

The Noel Redding BandI had left Thin Lizzy probably 8 months or so,when one day I got a phone call from Noel Redding. " Hello matey 'ow are you?" He told me he was forming a band aand needed a guitarist and got my phone number from some guy that wrote for some music magazine in Ireland.

I was living in Dublin at this time and Noel told me he had a house near a village called Clonaakilty(about 35 miles from Cork City). So,a few days later I got the train to Cork and Noel met me, he was standing on the platform as the train pulled in.(he looked like he had just walked out of a Jimi Hendrix album cover) Really curly huge afro hair, purple jacket, red trousers,and pink John Lennon granny glasses. " Hello matey,do you play darts?" Well,yes,sometimes, I replied. "Right,your'e in the band".

Then we went into the bar on the platform, he bought me a pint of Guinness and there was a dartboard there, and we had a few games of darts. when we went outside we got in his car. It was bright yellow with a black roof and he drove very fast down winding country roads,until we eventually reached Clonakilty. we visited a few pubs,had a few drinks and Noel introduced me to people,he seemed to know everyone in the village.After this we drove to his house,which was about 6 miles away. His house was amazing, a really huge farmhouse and cottage and outhouses around the back and 24 acres of land.

 I met his girlfriend Carol, his 5 dogs,7 cats and lots of baby geese. After we had rested he showed me around the house,and I noticed lots of gold albums on the walls, and a great collection of guitars and amps in the music room. Later,after we'd eaten, the other members of the band arrived. Les Sampson(drummer) and Dave Clarke(keyboards,vocals,and songwriter. I was the only Irish guy,the rest were English.

We went into the music room,drank and smoked quite a bit then Noel played a tape of the songs the band had wrote and worked on. I listened to them, but couldn't really get any ideas where my guitar style would fit in. I had thought Noel was forming a 3 piece band playing blues rock music, and was very dissapointed in the type of songs I was listening to...also I really didn't want keyboards either.

Anyway,I stayed in Noel's house for another 4 days, and we rehearsed the songs(it all felt very strange to me and Noel at that time wasn't easy to work with. He was drinking quite a lot and smoking a lot of strong dope,and could become quite nasty.We kept driving to Clonakilty and drinking in lots of different pubs.....I had just been through all of this stuff with Thin Lizzy and now I felt it was starting all over again. (part one)