The guys of Mainsqueeze

Mainsqueeze...I got a phone call one day years ago...this guy asked me if i had ever heard of certain musicians(all the people that were Mainsqueese) I said yes I had.

 I went down to have a blow with them...It was in a carpentry work shop with sawdust on the floor and lots of wood and equipment. This is where drummer Keef Hartley worked sometimes. We played for about an hour and I got the job. It was an amazing sound to play with. I have played with 3 piece bands for a long time and to hear an 8 piece band was so huge.

We then rehearsed for a few weeks, and went over to Europe ...Germany,Italy,Denmark,finland and went down very well with the crowds. We travelled in a huge white van which was really freezing,and I used to bring a duvet and wrap myself up in it and just sit without moving for the whole journeys.. We hardly made any money as the band had so many people in it plus a driver and road manager.

 Some stories... the band was in Yougoslavia at one time and we stayed in this beautiful hotel which didn;t happen often. This day,I was sharing a room with Dick Hexstall-Smith that fabulous sax player who passed away not to long ago,God bless him.

Anyway, we got to our hotel room which was rather grand and i had a really long hot shower..when i came out into the main room I couldn't see anything..the room was filled with smoke or steam...i thought it was from the shower. so,  moved very slowly and found the window to let the steam out. Then i saw what was happening..Dick was on the very Plush carpet and he had a small camping cooker that worked with flaming gas rings ..he was boiling 6 eggs in a small pot.He told me the prices of meals in the hotel, so he went out to the shops and bought a few things.Why the carpet didn't go up in smoke is hard to believe.

A very special Thanks to Eddy Bewsher for his marvellous pics.

Gig's Ticket

Eddy Bewsher reminiscences

Bo Diddley with Eric Bell It was a great gig ! The band without Bo would of been great, Dick Hecstall Smith and Eric Bell in one band alone would of been great ! But Bo was the man. Everyone did dance and get squashed. It was a hot wild night and I loved it.

Eric Bell with Mainsqueeze

Bo diddley with Eric Bell