The Dreams

The story of Dreams goes back to mid 1968 when it was decided to build a band around JOHN FARRELL who had already enjoyed success with the beat group THE MOVEMENT who had already released two critically acclaimed singles in Ireland and the UK during 67/68.

The band consisted of:

JOHN FARRELL on vocals
ERIC BELL Lead Guitar
JIM HUDSON Bass Guitar

The Dreams ShowbandThey were signed to DOLPHIN RECORDS and their first record “I WILL SEE YOU THERE” which was specially written for then by ALAN BLAKLEY and LEN HAWKES members of THE TREMELOES. The record was an immidiate success and reached number 14.

In September of 1968 the B side was an original song ”A BOY NEEDS A GIRL” written by The keyboard player SHAY O DONOHUE which included as ERIC mentioned in an interview some years ago this song was the first Irish record with feedback.

This was soon followed by what has been described over the years as one of the best original songs to come from the showband era it was of course “BABY I’M YOUR MAN” again written by SHAY O DONOHUE and AIDEN MAGENNIS which had already been a huge hit for DICKIE ROCK and The MIAMI SHOWBAND back in 67. DREAMS reached number 15 with this which was backed by the equals number “SOFTLY SOFTLY”.

Their third single which has the greatest interest to fans of ERIC was a song called “SWEETER THAN SUGAR” which was backed by a track called “DANCE IN THE LIGHT OF THE SUN” which features ERIC on banjo. This track was written and produced by ALAN BLAKEY and LEN HAWKES. Certainly The TREMELOES were taking a keen interest in DREAMS.

Their fourth and last single to feature ERIC was also their biggest hit a track called “THE CASATSCHOK" backed by yet another original by SHAY O DONOHUE called “DONT YOU ASK ME” this record reached number 5 in the Irish charts in june of 69. Surprisingly this also happened to conicide with ERIC calling it a day and He became the first original member to leave DREAMS having seen the type of stuff the likes of GARY MOORE was doing with SKID ROW at the time it was time to get out of the showband scene.

The DreamsThe DREAMS went on to release two more singles which did not chart and finally released a best of DREAMS album which consisted of all the singles plus a few cover versions one of which was the OTIS REDDING classic RESPECT with the one and only ERIC BELL on vocals so this is a must for any ERIC fan.

Very Special Thanks to TP McLoughlin.