Welcome to the first Eric Bell Site on the net, on line since 1997.

This site has a long story. It has been hosted in servers like and until the bought of the domain, later and then

Thin Lizzy 1972

During all these years we have met such wonderful people. There is a list of special people I would like to remember:
People like the only one James Taylor, The Real Canadian, an old friend since the begining of this story.
Don Bolster a good Thin Lizzy collector that helped me a lot at the beginning of the site.
TP McLoughlinBig Thanks, I dont forget all your help with the Web Site.., Thank You.
Sue Peters & Heather McCavera at the old Thin Lizzy Official Web Site for their help & frienship.
Tony Wootton and Andy Golden Bassit and drummer for the Eric Bell Band for lot of years and that helped a lot with the web site at the beginning. All the best mates.
Caroline Jones, the first Eric Bell Fan Club Secretary, We miss You Caroline, She left us in 2006.
Dawn McCarrick, secretary of the Eric Bell Fan club for years and a great Thin Lizzy Fan and friend.
Nick Sharp, a very good friend, and one of the biggest Thin Lizzy fans. Thanks for sharing your precious material.
Phil Osborne, another very good friend, and yes another of the biggest Thin Lizzy fans. Thanks for all your support and frienship over these years.
Eric Bell for trusting in me to run his web site since the beginning.
And finally Sonia, Aroa, Enrique and the pets for doing my life so special.

I dont't forget to the main man, the one and only Philip Lynott, much of my effort is to pay my little tribute to him. I met Eric because him and his music, without him this story it couldn't be possible. I love Your music Philip, and I am so sad you left us so soon, I miss you so much.

Quique T.